Copyright law is one of the most visible forms of law in modern society. It seems like nearly everything is protected by a copyright these days, and for good reason. Copyrighting your original work gives you legal ownership and protects you from other people stealing or abusing your writing, photography, videos, software, music, artwork, games or other creations.

Drews & Associates, PC will partner you with an experienced copyright attorney in Oak Brook, IL who can help you file to copyright your work properly. You can work directly with our attorney to get through the process smoothly and make sure your copyright gives you the protections you need.

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Unfortunately, having a copyright doesn't mean your work will never be abused. When you team up with Drews & Associates, PC, you'll have a skilled attorney on your side to defend your rights. We can...

  • Help you file for a copyright that will protect your work to your expectations
  • File for injunctions, cease-and-desist requests and takedown notices to help settle copyright infringement issues out of court
  • Pursue copyright litigation to enforce your rights if you end up in a dispute that can't be resolved easily
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