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Child Support Attorney Serving Chicago and Northern Illinois

Children come with a lot of expenses. As a single parent, it can be overwhelming to raise a child on one income. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, pursue child support from your partner with help from Drews & Associates, PC Our family law attorney in Oak Brook, IL will stand by your side and help you present a case to the judge.

Do what's best for your child. Go over your options with a child support attorney today.

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Fund Your Child's Well-Being

If you're granted child support income, those funds will help you support your child and their lifestyle. You can use child support funds to pay for your child's...

Education. You can purchase school supplies or pay for private school.
Living expenses. You can use those funds to help pay your rent or mortgage.
Daily expenses. This includes things like food, toiletries, and daycare.

Working with a child support attorney is the most effective way to pursue compensation. For more information, reach out to our family law firm today.