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Intellectual Property Law Attorney Serving Chicago and Northern Illinois

Protecting an invention, business process or trade secret, and proprietary written material can mean everything to the successful operation of a business. Ensuring the maintenance and protection of a company's intellectual property portfolio is a challenge, one best addressed with the assistance of an experienced intellectual property lawyer and, perhaps more importantly, an aggressive litigator.

For more than 25 years, the Oak Brook, Illinois, the law firm of Drews & Associates, PC has offered representation to clients throughout the Greater Chicago area with intellectual property disputes, including patent litigation. Leveraging a background as both an attorney and a former software engineer, John M. Drews offers a unique perspective in the protection of intellectual property.

Mr. Drews offers comprehensive protection for your intellectual property, whether the property is a new concept requiring copyright or trademark or the property has been used without permission after registration.

Using knowledge gained over 25 years litigating and resolving business disputes, Mr. Drews can provide sound guidance on the protection of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual property licensing, and patent infringement litigation.

Patent litigation in today's world has become a highly charged field. In cases involving patent infringement, businesses must often turn to experienced lawyers to drive their overall litigation strategy, to put an end to the infringement, or recoup damages incurred during the infringement. Patent litigation often comes down to expert witnesses in the particular field affected by the patent. As a former software engineer and as a litigator, Mr. Drews understands not only how to try cases in the courtroom but also how important your patent is to you and your business.

Protect What's Yours


Copyright law is one of the most visible forms of law in modern society. It seems like nearly everything is protected by a copyright these days, and for good reason. Copyrighting your original work gives you legal ownership and protects you from other people stealing or abusing your writing, photography, videos, software, music, artwork, games, or other creations.

Drews & Associates, PC will partner you with an experienced copyright attorney in Oak Brook, IL who can help you file to copyright your work properly. You can work directly with our attorney to get through the process smoothly and make sure your copyright gives you the protections you need.

Contact our copyright attorney today to get started.

We Can Help with Every Aspect of Copyright Law

Unfortunately, having a copyright doesn't mean your work will never be abused. When you team up with Drews & Associates, PC, you'll have a skilled attorney on your side to defend your rights. We can...

  • Help you file for a copyright that will protect your work to your expectations

  • File for injunctions, cease-and-desist requests and takedown notices to help settle copyright infringement issues out of court

  • Pursue copyright litigation to enforce your rights if you end up in a dispute that can't be resolved easily

Make sure you hire a skilled attorney you can depend on to defend your copyright in the event of a copyright infringement case.


Your brand is what separates you from your competition. Protecting your brand and image is essential to running a successful business, and Drews & Associates, PC wants to help make that easier for you.

Our trademark protection attorney can help you register your brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and will...

  • Conduct research to help ensure your trademark won't be confused with an existing one

  • Help you prepare and file the necessary documents correctly to avoid potential issues and delays

  • Respond to and appeal to any potential rejection of your application to give you the best chance of success

Give your brand the trademark protection it deserves by hiring our attorney in Oak Brook, IL today.

We'll Enforce Your Interests for You

You have enough to worry about managing your brand or business. If trademark disputes arise, the last thing you need is the stress of a complicated legal battle. You can rely on our trademark protection attorney to enforce your trademark if there's ever any confusion between yours and another. We'll pursue every possible avenue to protect your interests and your brand.

Choose an attorney with decades of trademark protection experience.