Protecting an invention, business process or trade secret, and proprietary written material can mean everything to the successful operation of a business. Ensuring the maintenance and protection of a company's intellectual property portfolio is a challenge, one best addressed with the assistance of an experienced intellectual property lawyer and, perhaps more importantly, an aggressive litigator.

For more than 25 years, the Oak Brook, Illinois, law firm of Drews & Associates, P.C. has offered representation to clients throughout the Greater Chicago area with intellectual property disputes, including patent litigation. Leveraging a background as both an attorney and a former software engineer, John M. Drews offers a unique perspective in the protection of intellectual property.

Mr. Drews offers comprehensive protection for your intellectual property, whether the property is a new concept requiring copyright or trademark or the property has been used without permission after registration.

Using knowledge gained over 25 years litigating and resolving business disputes, Mr. Drews can provide sound guidance on the protection of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual property licensing, and patent infringement litigation.

Patent litigation in today's world has become a highly charged field. In cases involving patent infringement, businesses must often turn to experienced lawyers to drive their overall litigation strategy, to put an end to the infringement or recoup damages incurred during the infringement. Patent litigation often comes down to expert witnesses in the particular field affected by the patent. As a former software engineer and as a litigator, Mr. Drews understands not only how to try cases in the courtroom but also how important your patent is to you and your business.