You've put your blood, sweat and tears into your business. Why let a nasty partnership dispute wash everything away? Taking your business partner to court can result in a fair resolution. Drews & Associates, PC is a local business law firm with a focus on litigation. Retain a business attorney today to start building your case in Oak Brook, IL.

Business partners are often treated like family. That's why legal disputes can be that much more difficult to handle. If you believe a partner is behaving dishonestly or putting your company at risk, our experienced business attorney will represent your best interests in court.

When should you take legal action against a partner?

Under most agreements, partners are expected to be honest, loyal and dedicated to advancing the company mission. These expectations can be breached if one partner...

  • Uses company assets for personal gain
  • Starts another company in direct competition
  • Stops giving the business in the partnership their full effort
  • Leaves and solicits other clients and employees to go with them
  • Makes important decisions without consulting the other partner
Either through negligence or direct malicious intent, a partner committing these acts should face legal action. To learn more about your options under business law, contact our firm in Oak Brook, IL today.